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As of June 30, 2021. Father Pierre Plante will retire as pastor of St. Catherine and St. Francis of Assisi parishes, and believes that merging his two congregations and their resources into SS. Rose and Clement Parish will serve to strengthen the overall Catholic presence in Warwick.  “Having one parish office will make administrative tasks run more efficiently and joining together volunteers in various parish ministries and activities will make a more vibrant parish with even greater outreach to the wider community in Warwick,” Father Plante said.

Father Andrew Messina, pastor of SS. Rose and Clement Parish, said he is looking forward to the integration of the three parishes.

“We extend a very warm welcome to all who wish to join us. Working together, with the grace of Almighty God and the assistance of our Blessed Mother, good things will result,” Father Messina said.

“I commend Father Messina and Father Plante for their hard work throughout this process,” said Bishop Tobin.  “Each pastor saw the advantage in uniting these communities, and I am confident that an even stronger and more dynamic parish will emerge at SS. Rose and Clement.”

All sacramental records for St. Catherine and St. Francis of Assisi parishes will be transferred to the office of SS. Rose and Clement Parish, 111 Long St., Warwick, where they will be permanently maintained.

The SS. Rose and Clement church building will remain as the primary worship site. The St. Catherine and St. Francis of Assisi church buildings will remain available for occasional use, as pastoral needs demand.

St. Catherine and St. Francis parishes to be merged into SS. Rose & Clement Parish, Warwick – Diocese of Providence, Rhode Island – Providence, RI

Father Andrew MessinaFather Andrew Messina

Father Andrew Messina


Mrs Patti Gioffreda

Mrs. Patti Gioffreda
Parish Secretary


Mrs. Rachael Czepyha

Mrs. Rachael Czepyha
Director of Religious Education


Mrs. Liz Kirejczyk

Mrs. Liz Kirejczyk


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